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    Welcome to La Belle Couture Weddings. Since 2006, we have served over 5000 brides and grooms create their happily ever after.  Besides designing beautiful wedding and evening gowns, we help couples get their precious moments captured in stunning wedding photographs.
    All these will not be possible without our dynamic team who loves what we do. We strive to come up with innovative events and ideas to provide our couples with memorable and heart warming experiences.
    Our vision is to be the Number 1 bridal service network in Asia.
    Our mission is to transform dreams into reality and providing a stress free experience through professional and sincere services.
    We are looking at recruiting the next passionate member to join our vibrant team to make more dreams come true!
    We believe in:
    • Continuous improvement through creativity and innovation
    • Authentic and open communication
    • Responsibility and ownership
    • Ethics – consistency and integrity

    • Want to let your creativity flourish and watch your ideas come to life? Always wanted to execute and manage your marketing campaigns and help couples make the right decisions when it comes to their wedding? If that’s you, then come and apply for the role of Digital Marketing Executive. 
      As the Digital Marketing Executive, you will primarily be responsible for supporting the Marketing Manager with:
    • Managing the brands under the company network
    • Formulating ideas, developing and managing strategic digital marketing campaigns to promote traffic, increase brand awareness and engagement and drive lead generation
    • Continually optimize efforts to drive revenue and growth for the business 
      The ideal candidate must be comfortable to not only learn from a multi dimensional approach, but be flexible in having synergy with other departments for an all rounded perspective.

      Other Key Areas include: 
    • Responding to potential leads mainly through emails, Facebook, Instagram
    • Oversee the social media strategy and implementing activities including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, You Tube etc to maintain our social media presence and to increase traffic and engagement 
    • Brief, evaluate and accountable for the work and outcome of any 3rd party agencies
    • Maintain the website through SEO efforts including conducting key work research and web statistics reporting
    • Monitor performance of website by tracking conversion rates and making recommendations for improvements
    • Identify trends and insights in order to create more frequent and targeted content that speaks to the needs of customers 
    • Perform and build email campaigns and broadcasts for announcements, events, promotions using CRM 
    • To assist in developing marketing assets including graphics for online use, lead magnets, info-graphics, videos etc 
    • Demonstrate effective return on investment on marketing campaigns by developing and measuring benchmarks and metrics, setting & monitoring KPIs and conducting post campaign analysis
    • Participate in events/ roadshows planning, management and execution 
    • Keeping up to date with current digital trends and to assist in evaluating emerging technologies and to provide thought leadership and perspective for adoption where appropriate
    • Cultivate relationships with potential stakeholders and explore options to widen La Belle Couture’s scope of business
      What we seek 
    • Well adept in using Google Analytics, Google SEO, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube
    • Preferably familiar with running Facebook & Instagram ads as well as Google SEM
    • Good copywriting skills with the ability to transform the mundane dribble into a captivating copy
    • Possess strong analytical skills 
    • Proficient in MS Office 
    • Ability to use Photoshop, Illustrator or any other design softwares will be an added bonus 
      What you must possess
    • Highly motivated and driven to produce result
    • Is meticulous and detail orientated
    • Well organized with good time management
    • A team player who is able to work effectively with customers, peers and management
    • Comfortable and at ease with fast paced and chinese speaking environment
    • Ability to meet tight deadlines 
    • Eagerness to learn and seek continuous self improvement  
    Interested applicants please submit a cover letter on why you think you will be ideal for the job, resume with your latest photo and expected salary to us. 

    You get to enjoy one of the best training and development programs in the entire wedding industry. You will also be given the most amount of exposure to events, latest developments and partners’ products and services in the industry.
    You will be able to experience the entire wedding journey and build many rewarding relationships with your brides for a lifetime of wonderful memories.
    Start your rewarding career today!

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    La Belle Couture Weddings Pte Ltd
    87 Tanjong Pagar Rd

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