Jawatan Kosong Business System Analyst (Payment Systems / Applications) di NCS Pte Ltd

    North-East Advertised: 18-November-2019 Closing on 18-December-2019

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    NCS is a leading infocommunications technology (ICT) service provider and together with SingTel under Group Enterprise, we have a presence in over 20 countries located throughout APAC, Europe and the USA.
    NCS delivers end-to-end ICT and communications engineering solutions to help governments and enterprises realise business value through the innovative use of technology. Our delivery capabilities encompass consulting, development, systems integration and infrastructure management to enable large-scale systems for organisations. Headquartered in Singapore, NCS has close to 9,000 staff serving governments and large global commercial enterprises.
    NCS also delivers mobility, social media, portal management, machine-to-machine communications, analytics and business intelligence in our solution offerings to our customers. With over 20 years of experience globally, we have enabled business transformation across industries, with a focus on banking, manufacturing and public sectors, including the public sector, defence & homeland security, education, land & air transport, aviation, healthcare, financial services, telecommunications, utilities and manufacturing.
    For more information on NCS, visit www.ncs.com.sg

    We have a great opportunity for a talented and self-motivated Business System Analyst to join our team at NCS. At NCS, we seek to nurture talents in creating and developing innovative solutions. If you are passionate about new technologies and new ideas, NCS could be a place for you!

    Role & Responsibilities:
    You will be involved in the software development life cycle including application development, implementation, maintenance and post-implementation review.
    The broad area of your role covers the followings:
    • Liaising extensively with external or internal clients;
    • Analysing clients' existing systems;
    • Translating client requirements into highly specified project briefs;
    • Identifying options for potential solutions and assessing them for both technical and business suitability;
    • Drawing up specific proposals for modified or replacement systems;
    • Hands-on individual and be able to work with local and off-shore teams to deliver projects on the technical aspects
    The role requires you to be hands-on and you will be involved in providing user support requires investigating and troubleshooting issues, as well as providing timely improvements/ resolutions to address problems / incidents encountered.
    The ideal profile should have / be:
    • Degree in Engineering, Computer Science or related discipline
    • Must have prior experience in Payment Systems
    • Minimum 6 years of relevant IT experience and technically competent in Java/ J2EE/ASP/.NET
    • Strong Analytical skills and well verse with problem resolution methodologies
    • Strong customer-service orientation.
    • Possess can-do attitude, initiative, creativity and able to work under stringent time

    In NCS, we make IT, win IT, lead IT...
    We have developed multiple critical applications and systems that cut across different sectors in Singapore.
    Each employee in NCS plays an important role. The success of the company is shared with every single individual in the NCS family.
    Our employees are rich in diversity, multi-racial and multi-national.  We are innovative, fun and vibrant! We share similar personal work values and are committed to achieving excellence together. We share and leverage on each other’s knowledge through our various communities of practices, for a stronger whole.
    Our leaders provide more than just a business vision. They embrace the NCS core values and support the nurturing of a balanced organisation. They ‘walk the talk’ and model the NCS Way. They make time for the sharing of ideas, feedback and concerns in a constructive manner.
    The NCS culture, policies and practices are reflective of our core values. We commit to our core values, as a foundation and guiding principles in our approach in creating workplace harmony.
    We strive for balance – while we care about the important issues, we do not neglect other things. Building relationships, caring for our employee’s well-being and giving back to the community are just as important. We work hard but we play hard too.
    We adopt an informal and open approach. We encourage sharing and learning from each other. In NCS, you have various opportunities to grow and develop to your full potential and enhancing your career value.
    NCS firmly believes in nurturing a balanced work-life. From recreational and sports activities to family support infrastructure and personal enhancement events, NCS spares no effort in helping our employees take time out from work to smell the roses and grow as individuals.
    Together, we make IT happen!

    Alamat perusahaan :
    NCS Pte Ltd
    5 Ang Mo Kio Street 62 NCS Hub

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