Jawatan Kosong Preschool Assistant Teacher di MindChamps PreSchool Limited

    Singapore Advertised: 22-November-2019 Closing on 22-December-2019

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    Founded in 1998, with the goal of ‘filling the gaps’ that exist in education world-wide, MindChamps began as a research institute using research from the areas of Education, Psychology and Neuroscience to better understand how the learning brain grows and develops, and expertise from the world of theatre to understand how to better engage the young learner and ‘lead the imagination’.
    The MindChamps foundation ‘3 Minds’ model for learning in the 21st Century focuses on the development of the Champion Mind, Learning Mind and Creative Mind. Experiencing the 3-Minds education model, enables the young person to face a rapidly-changing world with 100% Respect and Zero Fear.
    MindChamps PreSchool is a multi-award winning preschool concept. Its unique approach, based on the ‘S.M.I.L.E.S.’ philosophy (development of the Sensory, the Motor, the Intellectual, the Emotional and the Social) has won numerous industry-wide, national and international awards.
    From its country of origin, Singapore – where standards of education are among the highest globally, MindChamps has exported its unique model to other countries such as Australia and the Philippines as well as the Middle-East.
    In 2016, MindChamps was presented with the Influential Brands Top Brands Award (Pre-school Education Category) for the 3rd consecutive year. MindChamps won the award as a top-of-the-brand, well-regarded and voted for by ‘Gen Y’ parents across 5 countries.
    Starting with an ambitious goal, 18 years ago, MindChamps has grown to become what one influential admirer has described as ‘a movement’ – a movement to change the way we think about education for the world of tomorrow. A movement beginning with the nurturing of our very youngest ‘future champions’.

    Join the Dream Team & Discover the Champion in You!
    Be a MindChampion Leader, join the No.1* premium preschool in Singapore.
    Its time to bring your career to greater heights!
    Mindchamps’ rapid growth & expansion globally provides you with a world of opportunities!
    Job Responsibilities:
    • Plan, supervise, and implement the program for the class in accordance with the policies, guidelines, framework and philosophy of the centre
    • Assist in preparing and implementing the programs for children
    • Assist with planning, share ideas and exchange feedback with the entire team once a month or at the beginning of a Unit of Inquiry.
    • Prepare age and developmentally appropriate teaching aids.
    • Evaluate and maintain records of children’s development.
    • To render basic first aid as and when necessary.
    • Responsible for the upkeep of teaching resources, prepare art and craft materials, arrangement, appearance, decorations, and learning environment of the classroom.
    • Use positive discipline techniques at all times.
    • Maintain and build relationships with children and parents.
    Job Requirements:
    • Certificate / Fundamental in Early Childhood Care & Education
    • Creative and inspiring with loving energy
    • Excellent communication and classroom management skills
    • Be familiar with all working curriculum documents, handbooks and policy manuals.
    • Knowledge in educational development
    Additional Information:
    • Attractive remuneration and staff welfare benefits
    • Ample opportunities for Career Progression
    • Up to 21 days of Annual Leave
    • Low Teacher-Children Ratio!
    • Friendly and Conducive working environment
    • Comprehensive HQ training for all teachers!
    • Strong Curriculum team and mentorship programs available!
    • Company Sponsorships
    • Permanent positions
    Locations: 40 centres Islandwide! Proximity to MRTs stations!
    Click on the Apply Now" button with your comprehensive resume to secure a MindChampion career!
    For more information about MindChamps, please visit www.mindchamps.org.  
    We regret that only short-listed candidates will be notified.

    MindChamps is an education institute that prides itself in adhering to the Five Core Values, in the following order: Heart, Integrity, Prosperity, Growth and Expansion. Building upon this, MindChamps introduced an internal brand culture statement: ‘One heart, connected minds, nurturing champions’ to unite all team members in the shared goal of making a difference to every child.

    Team members can expect an environment that is conducive for growth,a with ample opportunities to advance in their career, for in MindChamps ‘when you become, you command’.

    Alamat perusahaan :
    MindChamps PreSchool Limited
    480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh Level 17 HDB Hub East Wing Singapore 310480

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