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    Outstanding reputation since 1980
    As a young teacher, Lorna taught in the UK before coming to Malaysia and Singapore to teach with the British Armed Forces. Later she taught at international schools in Singapore and became a School Principal in 1971.  In 1980, Lorna Whiston opened the first Lorna Whiston centre with the aim of improving the standard of English language among Singaporean students.
    Since then, Lorna Whiston Schools has built a reputation for high-quality education and teaching excellence across Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong with our signature English Enrichment and Speech & Drama programmes, as well as our Preschools. 
    With decades of experience operating within the education industry, we are a thought leader in the field of education. 
    Lorna Whiston Preschools
    Lorna Whiston Preschools’ mission is to provide a safe and stimulating bi-lingual learning environment where children are happy, motivated and eager to learn.
    An English language teacher and a Chinese language teacher are present in each classroom to ensure complete immersion in both languages. The children take part in an exciting range of discussions, songs, rhymes, vocabulary-building activities and interactive learning situations guaranteed to build strong verbal skills.
    All subjects are integrated by focusing on a special topic each week allowing children to understand the connections between individual subjects and how the topic relates to the wider world. Teachers continually monitor every child’s progress with parent teacher conferences and formal reports, each occurring twice a year.

    Currently, we have two pre-schools in Winchester and Kallang Wave.

    Position Summary and Objectives
    To lead Lorna Whiston preschool in providing excellent and quality care and education.  The Principal is also responsible in providing positive early learning experiences that encourage children to explore and discover, inquire and create in a conducive and engaging environment.
    Core Responsibilities
    1. Centre Leadership
    • To provide direction and leadership to the school community (students, parents & staff) in all areas of the schools’ work.
    • To prepare, agree and implement the schools’ development plan, ensuring fit with company’s vision.
    • To lead on transmitting and implementing the strategy, vision and values of the school/company.
    2. Learning and Teaching
    • To inspire, manage and lead staff and children to achieve their best.
    • To monitor individual progress and feedback to staff, parents and students so that effective provision for future learning can be assured.
    • To demonstrate the school values in class, through events and school activities.
    3. Curriculum Management and Development
    • To ensure the schools’ academic programmes are fit for purpose and challenge the student.
    • To ensure methodology, resources, assessment and record-keeping reflect best practice.
    •  To lead the preschool in implementing a bilingual preschool curriculum.
    4. Management
    • To lead on and ensure that effective management of staff takes place at all levels (including recruitment, selection, performance management and continuous professional development) in accordance with Lorna Whiston policies and Singapore legislation.
    5. Finance, Facilities and Resources management
    • To contribute to business planning in accordance with company’s timelines and procedures.
    • To manage the schools’ budgets to agreed targets, monitoring progress and reporting to the company senior management team when required.
    • To ensure the school premises are fit for purpose and reflect the brand of the company.
    • To be responsible for staffing levels that are efficient and in line with business plans and growth ambitions.
    6. Relationship Management
    • To build and maintain relationships and communications with the school community (students, parents, alumni & staff), and with external authorities (such as the ECDA and MOE).
    7. Market analysis
    • To develop knowledge of the pre-school market in Singapore and monitor trends over time.
    • To make recommendations to relevant department for promotional collateral and campaigns (including contribution to website content).
    8. Others
    • To ensure a fully successful admissions process in school in liaison with the admissions team.
    • To ensure the school conforms to all company policies and procedures particularly in relation to child safeguarding and health and safety.
    • To ensure consistency in operational management across LW Preschools.
    Skills and Qualifications
    •  Degree in Early Childhood education and relevant Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Leadership that is recognised by ECDA.
    •   Posses at least 5 years of principal experience in running a preschool in Singapore
    •  At least 7 years’ experience in teaching across the early years age group.
    •  Possess integrity, responsible and accepts accountability
    •  Evidence of setting and achieving challenging goals
    •  Excellent verbal and written communication skills
    •  Strong influencing, persuasive and collaborative skills
    •  Critical thinking skills to manage and resolve issues that arise
    •  Have strong attention to detail, be extremely well organized, and service oriented
    • Possess strong leadership skills, with experience demonstrating the capacity to initiate, lead and   manage in a rapidly evolving, dynamic environment while striving to achieve strategic objectives
    Role Information
    Reports to: Country Manager
    Contracted Hours: Monday to Friday (8.30am to 5.30pm) and Saturdays (at least once a month for staff meetings, training or workshops)
    Location: Singapore
    This job description forms part of the contract of employment of the person appointed to this post.  It reflects the position at the present time only and may be reviewed in negotiation with the employee in the future.

    Confidence starts with language, and at Lorna Whiston we commit ourselves to quality. We aim to transform lives through exceptional learning experiences for students, and strive to build upon our reputation in order to become the most relevant, respected, customer-centred and successful educational institution of its kind in the region, increasing our market share in the process.
    At Lorna Whiston, we have five core values that shape all aspects of our business and inform every decision we make:
    1.Collaboration: Our supportive, positive and personable works together to ensure the success of the whole group.
    2.Integrity: We conduct our business to the highest standards of professional behaviour and ethics; we are honest, ethical and transparent with all stakeholders and customers.
    3.Education: Learning is our raison d'être—it’s central to everything we do. We are committed to lifelong learning; when we make mistakes, we learn from them and do better next time.
    4.Determination: We love challenges, and we go above and beyond to reach our goals—we are driven to be the best we can possibly be.
    5.Innovation: The world changes every day, and we encourage our staff to look to the future so we can stay ahead of the curve.

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